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Product name:1716630

This kind of telecontrol MP3 flat speaker takes the new technology of MP3 and the big power stereo drives system which developed by our company, also with the technology of super and thin switch, digital amplifier, in order to have a good sound quality of this flat speaker. The power use the breadth electric voltage designs, which can used to the PC Power between 110V and 220V. It can control from a distance by the infrared ray, which takes the wall receives principle and designs to the side of the flat speaker, so that having a nice and integrity appearance of this flat speaker. It can used for many situation: 1, Modern Family, Hotel, Wine Shop, Teahouse, Beauty Salon, Office Place and so on. 2, Business Advertisement, Elevator, Big Hall and the places where have many people. This flat speaker has two ways to use: It can use SD card and USB music when connected the power, also can use with the amplifier together if the power has cut off. You can change the picture of this flat speaker by yourself.

Installation Method: 1, Mobile type: Put on SD card or USB at first, and then need to connect the power, you can enjoy the nice music at that time. 2, Fixed type: Hoisting or when the use of audio advertising, in order to prevent being taken away, with Sound rear cover glass glue paste on the wall. Please take the sound card upward, avoiding the SD card stolen by others. 3, Hanging type: Through the hook hang on the wall, which is stay at the back of this flat speaker. When used of common speaker, connecting the speaker line with family amplifier, and then you can enjoy the music broadcast by the DVD player. And when used of MP3 player, you should insert SD card or USB line, and then connect the power; you can also enjoy the music as well.

Power supply: 110V~220V
Impedance: 8Ω;
Frequency: 80Hz~20KHz;
Distortion rate: 0.2%;
Sensitivity: 93dB;
Power: 25W;
Model Size: 33×43×3.8cm. We can also make special size for you. (Demand for more than 5000)
Packing size: 38×47.6×8.5cm;
Annex: Remote Control, Product Introduction, Expansion Screws;
Supporting MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio)document format;
The velocity of MP3: 32kbps ~ 320kbps;
The velocity of WMA: 32kbps ~ 384kbps;
Supporting disk format: FAT16 and FTA32;
Also support SD and USB broadcast system.